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Process stages

We like to keep things as simple as they can be, what we follow is a simple set of process for delivering the results our clients seek.

To be honest in this ever changing world clients have different requirement, different strategy and different time to market requirement and thus our strategy changes as well, however we ensure that even a small module is studied thoroughly and is followed closely by our process during its life cycle.


Allow us to learn more about you, your requirement, your idea and the result you want to achieve so that we can understand your vision and align ourselves to it.


Our team of business analysts and subject matter experts will dive in deep to analyze the requirement and will have interactive sessions with you so that a strategic plan outlining your project, proposed solution, technology, milestones and project plan can be created. You’ll see your vision take form as our user experience designers go to work, wireframing every last detail.


After the user stories and wireframes are created it is shared with the designers for bringing life to them. Visual concepts of the custom projects are created by our interactive designers and through a few rounds of revisions we’ll narrow down a few creative concepts into the final masterpieces that leap off the screen.


The coding magic happens here when our senior architects and programmers work together on suited framework, database and programming language for front end and backend development, this is when we take time to work on loops, functions, forms, counters and various other elements to get the best interactive product out, the process is iterative for modules and you get to see how the product is being build.


The review and testing actually happens at each stage of the design and development, test cases are created based on the strategic plan and testing against those test cases is done to ensure that modules is working as per the agreed scope, along with this we also do testing for browser, OS , bandwidth, load, scalability and various other parameters.


Once we get the green signal from you we do the deployment and your product goes live, we work with you for the deployment and launch so you can focus on the other activities.

Engagement model

The business requirements are different for different clients and so are the engagement models. Our Engagement model varies based on projects; we understand that models should be flexible so that we can work together with clients to achieve desired results.

Fixed Time – Fixed Cost – Fixed Scope

The model serves the need for organizations to out-task a part or outsource the entire scope of a software development; the model works when the scope of the project is clearly laid out.

The project requirements are first thoroughly analyzed and clarified through an iterative process, the client needs to be actively involved during the scope defining phase and based on the scope a fixed cost with fixed delivery time is provided. The delivery plan is tracked through milestones and change logs if any are managed separately.

Our commitment is to maintain high quality in the agreed cost, time and scope.


The model is suggested for projects where scope and specifications are not clearly defined at the initial stage and efforts required cannot be estimated in advance. The model offers greater flexibility to alter the project specification on an ongoing basis, the development can happen following Agile Methodology by defining various sprints, the tasks can be assigned and changed based on upcoming market trends, and priorities through the Time n Material Model by offering an option to hire resource on hourly basis which is agreed at the time of contract signing.

Full time

MWS provides qualified resources at a monthly cost for defined skill profile; clients have complete control over resource and can assign the work related in the skill set to manage the output of the resource, the model brings in high flexibility, security, and scalability alongside complete transparency.

In simple terms it is like you have your own virtual resource sitting here in our office to which you are paying the monthly salary and getting the work done with all infrastructure, operational cost and any other overhead managed by our company, you communicate directly with the resource and assign work directly. SLA’s regarding availability of resources, staffing fulfillment timeliness, etc. is signed before the start of the engagement.


We do understand that at times client need someone to be physically present in their office and thus we work on Onsite resource engagement where a skilled professional is sent to work with your team sitting in your office, the engagement is expected to be a minimum of 03 months, however if you need just a team of analysts to discuss and understand your work flow then the duration can be short as well.

There are certainly things like visa, boarding, lodging and other norms which are clearly stated in the agreement we sign before the resource is sent Onsite.


As the name suggests the engagement model is primarily a combination of the other models, the model is best suited when some part of the project is known and some is still being discussed, the model allows us to do part development on fixed cost and the other part on hire model in parallel, we also provide the concept of block hours where in you purchase a block of hours which are valid for a time and can be used as a part of any engagement model.

Any engagement model we work on, we do maintain complete transparency and as a client you always have the access to the resource directly working on the project. The tasks can be assigned directly, meetings on Skype, hangout happen on regular basis and you are made aware about the project status by sending regular builds and committing code on SVN.

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