Mobile App Business Models – Quick Understanding!

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Mobile App Business Models – Quick Understanding!

Mobile App Business Models – Quick Understanding!

By Ankit Shukla

The modern business world has come a long way from the traditional marketing tricks that were once used to garner customer attention. Today, brands have highly powerful and appealing tools at their disposal through which they can actually build a one-to-one relationship with each of their customers. The preferences of a modern technology user have undergone vast transformation in the recent times. While the internet still remains as the top sources of information, people are now accessing it more frequently through their mobile phones and hand-held devices rather than laptops and computers. Smartphone’s have completely changed the marketing playing field and if you still haven’t caught on to this trend, your business is in danger of being left behind.

Mobile app development is one of the most potent tools in your arsenal that you can use to win over the hearts of your clients and become an indispensable part of their lives. There are many types of mobile application models that businesses employ for the purpose of boosting revenues. All of these types have a different business model and functionality. Let us explore few of them:

# Free App
As it says the app is basically offered for free of cost without any charges to users, so users can just go to the stores and can download and use the apps, mainly helpful when you want to get a good user base and probably get a branding done by the use of app.

# Paid App Model
The paid application model is what you would see when before a download, you are prompted for making a payment through your e-wallet or other channels. This kind of application works well with a consumer base that is more or less permanent or is exponentially growing.

# Freemium App Model
This is the kind of model that most of us are familiar with. The application is available to download for free, containing some features that are available for a payment also known as in app purchase This is the most successful kind of model, and is employed extensively by e-commerce biggies like Amazon and the like. The consumer base available through this kind of application is wider, mostly because of the “Let’s try this out” philosophy.

# Ad-based App model
In this model, the developer dedicates a space on the application screen to advertisements that keep flashing every few minutes. This is helpful when you have or expect a good number of regular users on the app. This model allows for a quick set-up by integrating with available online mobile advertising company however, it may get annoying for a finicky user and that is when you can have a paid app separately so if a user does not wants to see the ad they can purchase the paid version.

The above models for making money are mostly applicable in terms of apps which are not direct ecommerce aps which allow users to purchase products via them, if you are into retail or sales business then it can be a free ecommerce mobile app, a dedicated app allowing for customers to buy products directly from their iPhone or Android based smartphone. Hence, the customer will not need to search for a laptop or desktop, or call your customer care to buy a product of yours. Through Android and iOS application development, you can actually double your sales and conversions numbers and ensure your loyal customers have a convenient and effective way to reach you whenever they require. And that, my friend, is a huge feat-one that is virtually impossible for any business to achieve through any other marketing medium.

Do not miss out on the chance to enjoy such a wide range of benefits. A professional iOS application development or Android application development company can help you create a powerful means through which you can become a permanent part of your customer’s lives.

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